What is this?

This is about music and the people who make music happen in the world. It is a continuous love letter and a testament to the experience of being a musician in the world today.

Who am I?

I’m Vince Peterson.

I am a musician. Music is my one true vocation. I will not leave it, and it will not leave me. Music is my best friend. I believe music is a modality and a force that is continually undulating in the world. I live to witness it rush through the hands, hearts, and faces of those around me. 

I am placed in the world to serve music with humility. I put the demands of music in the center of my heart before fame, money, notoriety, or public deference. I am called to teach, compose, conduct, and produce music as my primary source of sustenance. I assert my lifelong commitment to this and, therefore, my professional expectations of those for whom and with whom I invoke music. 

I believe in the human voice as the primary instrument of civilization. I believe in the power of the human psyche being attached to the voice. I believe the psyche is intrinsically connected to sound. I believe in the innate power of human voices in chorus to change the world. I celebrate the ingenuity of physical instruments and their connection to the earth's precious natural resources. I believe in sound as a physical substance with medicinal properties. 

I believe in music as a metaphor for the human form. I believe in the universality of the raw materials and syntax of music and their kinship across genres, styles, generations, geography, space, and time. 

I believe in both the horizontal and vertical axes of music. I hearken to their dialogue and long to converse with them. I believe that the study of music is synonymous with wonder and awe. I believe in the equality of integrity and interpretation in rendering any score. 

I believe the most authentic musicking possible comes from love before anything else.

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Musician living and working in NYC. Writing about the experience of musicking, the business of being an artist, and the identity of musicians in the world today.